Our Parents Are Actually More Entitled Than We Are, According To This Study

Would you look at that.

It can seem like everyone and their dog loves nothing more than to bash millennials. We've heard it all: we're lazy, we're spoiled, we're selfish, and most of all, we're ENTITLED. 

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Yet according to a new study, it's our parent's generation that are actually the entitled ones. 

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In a survey by Bankrate.com, millennials answered that people should be able to pay for their own housing by 22 years old, pay for their own car at 20.5 years of age and be responsible for their own cell phone plan at 18.5 years of age. 

Interestingly, baby boomers answered 1-2.5 years older for each question. 

Looks like millennials aren't so bad after all!

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Charlotte Anne