Pacific Mall Says It's "Deeply Disturbed" To Learn Its Vendors Are Selling Counterfeit Goods

The Markham mall released an official statement.

What a shock  owners of Pacific Mall in Markham, Ontario have released a statement saying that they are "deeply disturbed" to learn some vendors are selling counterfeit goods.

"Management at Pacific Mall has learned that a recent report suggested that some vendors in the mall are selling imitation goods,” the mall's news release reads. “We are deeply disturbed and disappointed by this news."

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It's no secret that Pacific Mall, which is the largest Asian shopping centre in North America, is a hub for counterfeit and imitation goods. It was even included as the only Canadian market in the U.S. Office of Trade Representative's annual review of "notorious markets."

For 20 years, local and federal authorities have shut down several businesses at the mall that sell fake electronics, DVDs, video games and other goods. Such items are often made with alternative materials that could be harmful.

Pacific Mall representatives assure that they will crack down on the counterfeit issue, starting with posting warnings around the mall that will outline the legal consequences of selling counterfeit goods, working with manufacturers to identify said goods and sending private investigators to conduct internal audits.

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