Months ago, the Board of Directors at the Toronto Parking Authority approved a series of rate hikes at Green P parking lots all over the city. Over 200 Toronto parking lots will see increased daily and monthly rates as of today - February 11th, 2019. At many of the Green P lots on the list, rates have officially gone up by as much as $3 a day.

The goal is to accommodate more short-stay visitors and shoo away all-day parkers who hog many of the spaces. Many uncontrolled facilities will have their daily maximum rates removed altogether, leaving parkers with only one option to pay by the half-hour.

While the TPA's statement claims that half-hour rates have been reduced in some areas, others have seen a rate hike by as much as 50 cents per half-hour. According to CBC, residential and on-street parking rates will go up in 2020. 

Patrons who pay monthly to park in some of the busiest areas in the city will be shocked to discover their new fees, which the TPA has hiked by $20 in some places. The Nathan Philips Square garage, for example, is now $320 a month instead of $300. The University garage is now $425, up from $400. The majority, however, will see a monthly rate increase of $5 or $10. Here's just a snapshot of what we're dealing with as of today:


As far as on-street parking goes, Toronto's rates are comparatively cheaper than other major cities in North America. The CBC points out that Toronto's maximum peaks at $5.00, while Vancouver's is set at $6.00, New York City at $6.60 and Los Angeles at $7.60. Stacked up against other cities, Toronto seems to have it pretty good.

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Ultimately, the TPA hopes that the increased rates will benefit the majority of drivers in Toronto. Increased rates will hopefully lead to lower demand and less congestion, thus freeing up more space for everyone to find a place to park. 

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To see the complete list of rate increases at Green P lots across the city, click here.






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