Canadians Are Calling Politician Doug Ford The Next Donald Trump And It's Being Said As A Compliment

Make Ontario great again?!?

Some very familiar faces have been back in the news recently. Most notably is Toronto City Councillor Doug Ford. Ford recently pulled out of the Toronto mayoral race against current mayor and former opponent John Tory in order to run for the leadership position of the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party of Ontario.

The news of his interest for the PC position has been met with both excitement and disbelief. He's definitely a controversial pick considering he worked alongside his brother, Rob Ford's, during his rocky run as Toronto mayor from 2010-2014 and was called out for being loud, angry and brash while personally campaign for Mayor in 2014. 

However, that doesn't mean you should count Doug Ford out of the Ontario PC leadership race. For as many people there are that dislike him, he's also got strong devote following of #FordNation supports who love him and his direct way he communicates. Something that has made many compare him to U.S. President Donald Trump. 

With the hashtag #MOGA (Make Ontario Great Again) trending, people are asking Doug Ford to step in and make Ontario better than ever.

To the comparison Ford told CBC News "Good luck to President Trump. I'm worried with Ontario. I'm not worried about what's going down in the states."

Adding, "I don't have to compare myself to Donald Trump," saying that he and his family have been in politics long before Trump came along. 

Source: CBC

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