Shots were fired at Yorkdale Mall yesterday, one of the largest malls not just in Ontario, but the whole country.

It’s the latest gun violence incident to occur this year in Toronto. It comes just several short weeks after the tragic shooting involving two children in a playground, and the mass shooting on the Danforth.

Toronto has now had more murders this year than it did all of last year. After yesterday's shooting at Yorkdale, people in Toronto are telling the mayor to resign ahead of the municipal election this fall. 

Mayor John Tory sent out a series of tweets yesterday following the shooting. No one was hit by gunfire, but the fact that the incident occurred in such a public place seems to be the last straw for some people. 

A growing number of people are now calling on the mayor to remove himself from office. 

Tory has supported the idea of a handgun ban in the city, even though he was once against the idea of such a ban when he first ran to lead the city.  

Clearly, some Toronto residents are not convinced that Tory has done enough to keep people living in the city safe. 

Tory is in a tough fight to keep his job in the upcoming election in the city, with the municipal vote set for October 22nd.

There are some people who obviously see Tory's actions on gun crime as a reason to vote him out of office.

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