In a big move towards gender inclusivity, Yorkdale Shopping Centre unveiled a brand new gender-neutral washroom in their mall. While many are excited about this, the move has also been heavily criticized by people in Toronto. 

Among the criticisms, a number of Torontonians are now claiming that the new gender-neutral washrooms will create a place for male predators to prey on women or young girls, leading to sexual assaults and pedophilia. 

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The intention of the gender-inclusive washroom is to provide a space for non-binary individuals or even parents needing to help their children in the bathroom. However, many people think it will create a space for dangerous activity.

In response to an Instagram post about the new bathrooms, many people express concerns that by allowing both men and women into one bathroom, it will create an environment that could lead to predators taking advantage of the gender-neutral washrooms to attack women and children. 

Via Instagram

Via Instagram

Via Instagram

People are clapping back at the critics as well, calling them transphobic and intolerant. But, one person points out that is not really what they're saying.

The commenter elaborates on the fact that the criticism for the bathroom isn't against trans people but more so acknowledges that there are sick people in this world and in our city who would take advantage of something like this to harm others. 

Via Instagram

Via Instagram

This new gender-neutral washroom joins the many gendered washroom facilities that already exist at Yorkdale Mall, including seven men's bathrooms, seven women's bathrooms, and three family facilities. 

Yorkdale is the latest mall to join various other public places in opening a specific gender-neutral washroom. Many community centres, schools, and other malls across Canada have already done the same thing. So far, no increase in assaults has been tied to these washrooms. 

Source: CBC

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