That's right, Pokémon fanatics -  the highly anticipated and completely free-to-play mobile game will finally be downloadable from your app stores this July.

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The game allows you to fulfill your childhood dream of being a Pokémon trainer, with the ultimate goal of "catching them all". As you walk around in the real world, you'll encounter different Pokémon that the software digitally integrates into your environment.

You could be walking past Grafitti Alley and run into a Pikachu, or jogging through High Park and encounter a Butterfree. Your job as a Pokémon trainer is to expand your Pokédex (and roster) to as big as possible.

Of course, the game lets you battle your Pokémon with others - a necessary feature for a Pokémon game.

Developer Niantic also created a wearable watch accessory that allows you to continue playing the game without opening the app on your phone. Though they will not be available right at the launch, the watch will retail at an affordable $34.99, which should surely please the die-hards.

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