This week students in Toronto headed back to class and began preparing for another year at school. While hitting the books can be boring, sometimes the wildest things happen during school hours and that was certainly the case today at Seneca College. 

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A video was posted on Reddit today that showed police entering the school and aggressively arresting a man in front of the schools welcome desk. The situation unfolded at the Seneca@York Campus in the Stephen E. Quinlan Building

Via Reddit

The man was already being monitored by security when three uniformed officers showed up with a non-lethal shotgun. The orange stripe on the shotgun is what indicates it's a bean bag gun used by police to alarm but not injure their suspects. 

The three officers approach the suspect very quickly before he puts his hands up and lays on the ground. While one officer keeps the weapon focused on the man, the other officers place him under arrest. 

Via Reddit

It's still unclear what caused the police to come and arrest the man. Upon calling Seneca's campus security for more information, Narcity was told that they are unable to give any information regarding the incident at this time.

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Redditors were quick to comment on how successful non-lethal guns are and how they can help in escalated situations to ensure no one is fatally injured. 

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

No matter what happened it's nice to see that no one was injured as a result of this altercation. You can see the full video of the arrest here

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