Toronto Police have just announced that they received information about a risk to public safety in Toronto this morning.

In a press conference outside of the CN tower, Insp. Michael Barsky said they received information about a potential risk to the GTA but did not provide any details about what the nature of the risk was or any specific locations that may have been targeted. 

This comes after a cryptic tweet from police this morning informing the public of an increased police presence due to unconfirmed, uncorroborated information.  

While the police did not provide a lot of detail, according to a Post Millenial article, a leaked internal U Haul memo shows that employees at the rental vehicle company were told to be vigilant about suspicious renters because of a van attack threat. 

The alleged memo came from the OPP as a counterterrorism move and said that there had been a tip about an attack in Toronto using a rental vehicle in Toronto in the next couple days. 

While the supposed U Haul memo specifically mentioned Toronto, the increased police presence also extended to other parts of the GTA including York Region, where police set up enforced presences at a number of places such as Canada's Wonderland. 

Other places within the Greater Toronto Area such as Ripley's Aquarium, the CN Tower, and even places like the CBC headquarters have increased their own security as well but remain open. 

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In their press conference, Toronto Police said the increased presence of officers will continue throughout the day and that they are still evaluating the situation as it goes on. 

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