Pride Toronto Finally Makes A Statement About Police Coming To Pride And It Does Not Look Good For Them


It's no secret that there has been a prominent divide between the Toronto LGBTQ+ community and the police. Though it's not hard to understand why, especially considering the slew of murders that targeted members of the gay village that went for the most post ignored by the police until earlier this year. As a result many members of the queer community called on the Pride organization to push police out of the annual Summer ceremony. 

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Pride Toronto stayed hush on the subject up until last night when they released a lengthy statement on Twitter detailing their position on the matter, and ultimate request of the police: 

The statement details the pain and grief that has come from the Bruce McArthur investigation, especially while knowing the police were not 100% committed to the investigation from the get go when many of the victims went missing. With that in mind organizers asked the police to "withdraw their application to march in the 2018 Pride Parade." 

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While some people were happy with the decision made by Pride organizers, some weren't as impressed and it seems that the Twitterverse is quite divided on the topic: 

While the Toronto Police have not released a statement in response and as of now haven't revoked their application yet, the show will most definitely go on. This year the Pride Parade will be running from June 22nd-24th in the downtown core. 

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