The city has been abuzz with Prince Harry as of late. The 34-year old monarch has been lighting up news feeds and headlines with various appearances around Toronto for the 2017 Invictus Games. 

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Fans were thrilled to spot Prince Harry with his girlfriend - Toronto-based actress Meghan Markle - over the past several days. Harry was happy to visit the CN Tower last night for the Invictus Games Foundation reception, where he was met by hundreds of excited fans. 

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Prince Harry has last visited the tower in 1991 with brother William and reportedly enjoyed looking through the telescopes at the city, undetected by reporters and fans. The boys were both dressed comically and cutely in Canadian tuxedos and enjoyed the space simulators inside the Tower. 

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The Prince took the time to engage with fans and pose for pictures until he inevitably had to go inside the venue for dinner. If you spot Prince Harry around town, don't be afraid to ask for a selfie! 

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