As we’re sure you have heard by now there’s a massive scandal surrounding Khloe Kardashian and her NBA player boyfriend Tristan Thompson. In case you somehow missed it, video surfaced a few weeks ago showing Thompson kissing a woman while another groped him

And with the scandal still fresh in everyone’s mind Raptors fans made sure Thompson knew what they thought of him at last night’s playoff game between them and the Cavaliers.   

And it's actually pretty funny.

@realtristan13embedded via  

Raptors fans booed Thompson repeatedly throughout the game. 

But that wasn’t all they did, late in the 4th quarter when Thompson went to the free throw line Raptors fans chanted “Khloe!” over and over again hoping it would distract him into missing the shots.  

You can see this in the tweet below, where Thompson appears to be doing everything he can to be blocking out the chants.  

Fans also took to twitter to vocalize their support. 

Unfortunately for Raptors fans it wasn’t enough to screw up Thompson’s concentration as he made the free throws.  

@realtristan13embedded via  

The Raptors wound up losing the game 113 to 112 in the end. 

The next game is on Thursday and you can bet that Raptors fans will be back at it with more boos and clever chants for Thompson then.

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