In Southern Ontario, the temperature has been steadily rising for the past day few days. While the warmer weather is a nice break from the cold, it brings its own issues with it. One issue, in particular, has the City of Toronto warning about flooding amid the rising temperatures this weekend. Now they are cautioning residents to protect themselves and their homes. 

Today is the fourth day of above freezing temperatures in the city, where it is currently sitting at 0°C but expected to rise up to 3°C throughout the day. These warming temperatures mean that all the ice and snow that has built up across the city these past few weeks is going to begin melting. On top of that, there is a 90% chance of rain this evening in Toronto and we're also expected to get a mix of rain and snow tomorrow.  That's where the risk of flooding comes in. 

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The city is especially worried about flooding around people's homes, especially in basements. In a tweet to Toronto residents this morning they acknowledge that the weather is messy out there. They also provide some tips to prevent this flooding from happening like clear any slush or ice away from your house so that the water won't come in when it melts. 

The city also has other tips for preventing house floods, especially with weather conditions like this when they are most likely to occur. They recommend clearing out eavestroughs to ensure proper drainage and also making sure the sewer on the road is clear of ice and snow so it can drain too. 

While this drainage will help prevent flooding in and around houses, it can also lead to its own issues which the city also warns about this weekend. 

Specifically, with this much water draining the City of Toronto is warning residents to make sure that in their draining they aren't creating pools of water on driveways or sidewalks. That's because after this warm spell is over the temperatures will drop again and those pools of water will become ice. 

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The warm weather is expected to last throughout the weekend, coming to it's warmest point on Sunday, February 24. That's when temperatures are forecasted to rise to a balmy 9°C on Sunday. 

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