After the Ryerson Student Union's financial statements were exposed, Ryerson University is holding an emergency meeting this week about their suspicious  $250,000 credit card bills. The charges were first revealed by Ryerson's student newspaper The Eyeopener last week. They show thousands of dollars spent on booze, clubs, Airbnb's and more. 

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The meeting, which was called by the student union's board of directors, will be held this Friday. The exact time and location of the meeting as well the agenda is yet to be determined. The board of directors did tell CBC that the meeting would be open to all students, as a move for more transparency. 

One of the directors, Maklane DeWever is specifically calling for answers for the students. He is demanding an explanation for how the executives managed to spend so much money in only eight months. According to DeWever, the previous credit card spending of the previous student union was less than $100,000 in their entire year-long term. 

DeWever also told CBC that the charges are definitely suspicious since he can't recall any events that would have taken place in relation to all of those charges. He did say they haven't ruled out the possibility that they are all legitimate but says it raises very interesting questions. 

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To find out whether the various charges are all legit, the student union is being asked to reconcile the statements with receipts. This request shouldn't come as a surprise, however. The student union had previously been given a deadline of February 1st to reconcile their credit card charges. 

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Among those questionable charges is $955.15 spent at two different LCBOs including one in Orillia, $347.34 spent at Haze Lounge, a shisha bar in Mississauga, and $1,375.21 spent at Nick's Sport's Shop, which sells guns in Toronto.

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The students aren't the only ones demanding answers about these charges. Ryerson University's president Mohamed Lachemi has also demanded a meeting with the student union to discuss these allegations of their financial mismanagement. 

However, the student union is a separate corporate entity from Ryerson University and therefore the university is not able to conduct any sort of review into the union's spending. 

The students have some more options, though. DeWever says, if necessary, the board of directors will look at bringing legal action against the Ryerson Student Union executives. 

On top of that, students have also started a petition calling for the immediate resignation of Ram Ganesh, the student union president. 

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