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Scarborough's New Subway Stop Will Be The Most Expensive Station In History

Billions for just 1 subway 😲

How much is too much when it comes to designing and building a new subway station? Well apparently, spending billions of dollars on a new subway station is within the TTC's budget because that's how much the Toronto plans to spend on the new Scarborough subway extension. 

Scarborough, the city east of Toronto, is getting ready to create a single subway station that will effectively replace its six-stop automated train currently in use.

The price tag on a job like this? $3 billion, making this station the most expensive station in historySince 2013, Toronto council has been proposing different ways to replace the aging Scarborough RT with a comprehensive subway station. 

But an internal report from Metrolinx recently leaked to the press found that the investment needed to build this new station is "not a worthwhile use of money."

Despite this, Major John Tory has maintained that the subway project will move forward, and that this project was "the most voted upon project, I think, that’s probably ever gone through the city council." 

Only time will tell if this investment is a wise one, but many voters within council and from Scarborough's general public feel that this new subway station is definitely a necessity. 

Source: The Star, The Guardian 

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