It looks like Canadian heartthrob Shawn Mendes has touched down again in his native homeland. Shawn Mendes was reportedly spotted at the Toronto Pearson Airport last night on February 17. Several fans took photos and videos of him at the canadian airport and shared the news on Twitter. 

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Everything suggests that Shawn Mendes is currently in town. Several tweets have poured into social media of the Canadian singer walking in the Toronto airport.

In the photos, Shawn Mendes was seen wearing a Tommy Hilfiger sweater and holding a guitar case while he walked through the Toronto Pearson International Airport. He is all smiles and stopped to take pictures with fans and sign autographs based on the videos posted. We're sure the singer made everyone's heart melt! 

Shawn Mendes was also reportedly seen throughout Toronto today and took time to take pictures with fans. Someone actually caught him eating alone at Impact Kitchen. 

Shawn Mendes calls Toronto home and even has an apartment in the city, and it looks like he has returned back to his homeland for the time being. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the streets to get a glimpse of this Canadian sweetheart who sure is easy on the eyes. We know we sure would love to meet him. 

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His worldwide tour does start on March 7, so it looks like he could be resting up in Canada before he goes on tour, which will start in Europe and end in Australia. He will also be performing in Toronto later this year in September, and we are just dying of excitement. 

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