Months after the US presidential election, several Americans are still pushing for some states to secede from the US and join Canada as a means to escape the Trump presidency. Large movements in favour of such are known in California, Washington and Oregon; but there's another state that could also join the "secession train" - Minnesota.

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A petition for the secession of Minnesota from the US and to join Canada exists on and has garnered over 7,500 signatures so far. It was started by Zachary Zaboj, a current film student at Winona State University. The petition reads as follows:

With the recent election of Donald Trump for President of the United States, we, the people of the State of Minnesota, feel it is against our state’s better interests to remain in the Union of the United States under such leadership. It is the people’s opinion that this State now has more in common with the Nation of Canada than the United States when the President-Elect is sworn in.

President-Elect Trump has a history of comments and potential policies that will openly discriminate against a large portion of Minnesotans that are of minority decent (sic). This could include thousands of unlawful deportations or severe bullying and harassment of Minnesota citizens, families, and children.

We, the people of Minnesota, urge our State’s leaders to consider the possibility of leaving the United States and join Canada. This would allow us to better maintain a way of life for all Minnesotans in terms of society, environment, and equality.

While no details have been given as to exactly how Zaboj plans to conduct Minnesota's secession if given the go signal, the petition is still gaining new signatures every day. It will be sent to Governor Mark Dayton, as well as Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken for review and consideration.


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