Someone Made Their Own Savage Versions Of The TTC Ads And They're Popping Up All Over The City

This person definitely gets points for creativity.

One pissed off commuter (and creative genius) recreated the TTC's own ad campaign to call them out about everything from increased fares to poor service. The ads are a parody of the TTC's "You Said It" campaign about subway etiquette, which launched last year. So far, the imitation ads have been spotted at Dundas, Bloor and Union stations.

One of them reads, "If the #TTC raises the fares, I would have to hitchhike to school." Another one calls out subway delays and at the bottom it says, "Please get your sh*t together, and be on time." Ouch.

We assume that the TTC is going to be extra careful in making sure that the vandal doesn't strike again. 

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Lilly Paltsev