As we’re sure you’ve heard last night a man shot 14 people along a busy section of Toronto’s Danforth Avenue killing 2 people and injuring 12 more.

Officials from the city, to the Prime Minister and police, have all made statements in regards to the shooting. 

Surgeons from St. Michaels Hospital have just provided an update on the patients that were sent there after being injured in the shooting. 

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At a very brief press conference Dr. Najma Ahmed, a trauma surgeon at St. Michael’s Hospital said that the hospital received 5 of the people who were shot in the Danforth incident.

Ahmed says that 3 of the patients “underwent immediate lifesaving surgery,” and that all 5 patients at the hospital “remain in serious and critical condition.”

Ahmed did not comment on any specific names or information about the victims the hospital received. 

Hospital staff worked through the night to save the patients that are still in the care of St. Michael’s Hospital, according to Ahmed.

She praised the,“amazing work done by the nurses and doctors overnight in our emergency department, in the operating rooms, in the ICU and, in fact, throughout the hospital.”

The response time by other emergency services was crucial for saving their patients lives according to Ahmed. 

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our first responders and police for their heroic efforts,” she said.

Toronto police are still investigating the scene. 

Source: CityNews

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