We all get a craving for a really good burger every once in a while. Yet living in a big city, the number of options can often be extremely overwhelming. Thankfully, hunting for that perfect burger has just gotten slightly easier. Big 7 has announced the 50 best burgers in Canada, and a burger joint in Toronto made the top three! 

Rudy from Toronto has placed third among the best 50 burgers in Canada. They have two locations within the city one located at 619 College St. and the other at 69 Duncan St. 

The Rudy menu is small and simple, something that makes these burgers stand out from the rest. If you head over to the location on Duncan, you are given a choice of three burgers, "The Rudy", "Rude Dude" and "Tattooed". 

The College location features an extra option of a fried chicken sandwich called the "Valentino" if the beef-burger option just really isn't for you. 

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However, this isn't the only Toronto burger place that has made it on the top 50 list. Holy Chuk made it at 8th place for their amazing triple deckers. Meanwhile, the Carbon Bar came in 13th for their smoked bacon cheeseburger that features house-made jalapeno cheese. 

Of course, if meat isn't your style, a vegetarian option also made the list for Toronto. Planta Burger came in 20th place for their burger that doesn't include any form of animal products. Mushroom and lentil patties are a popular choice at this vegetarian-friendly joint. 

A few more Toronto locations also made the list such as The Burgernator who came in 31st and Golden Star who came in 43rd. 

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What about the top two burger joints that beat Rudy? The best burger place throughout all of Canada has been named and they are from Montreal, Quebec. Uniburger is seen as the place to go if you want to have the burger of your life. Big 7 recommends adding one of their famous shakes in the mix to make your experience even better. 

The second best burger in Canada actually isn't too far from Toronto. Burger Burger from London, Ontario is labelled as the place to go if you want a "melt in your mouth" burger. 

Burger Burger actually hand makes their burger in house every single day so you get the freshest pattie possible, which honestly sounds amazing. 

For the complete list of top 50 burgers in Canada, you can view the Big 7 list here. 

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