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The National Firearms Association- Canada's answer to America's National Rifle Association is not fucking around this year. They've release a Christmas ad in which Santa gives a child a rifle, saying, "Don't shoot your eye out, kid!" The quote is a reference to the 1984 film, A Christmas Story, in which a little boy named Ralfie begs his family for a BB gun for Christmas. After much protestation, his father finally gives him one saying, "Don't shoot your eye out, kid!" Something which Ralfie almost promptly does.

But this ad isn't about a BB gun. It's about an AR-15, the same kind of rifle used by Adam Lanza to kill 20 children and six adults during the Sandy Hook shooting. There's no question as to what type of gun it is, because the NFA actually explicitly points it out on their Facebook page.

The AR-15 is a restricted firearm in Canada, making it difficult to acquire. This is something the NFA would like to see changed. They've also been lobbying for years now to repeal the gun-control legislation passed after the Montreal Polytechnique Massacre. Charming, eh? Here's to never living in a country where children get guns for Christmas!

h/t from Huffington Post

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