Last Thursday, we reported on how police in Richmond Hill, Ontario, were looking for both the suspect and victim in an abduction. The incident was caught in a home's surveillance footage and showed the suspect holding a gun to the victim's head before shoving her in the back of a car. 

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York Region Police made a statement on Friday sharing that the woman who was seen in the footage has been located and is now safe. They also released the identity of the male suspect involved in the kidnapping. 

The police are warning the public that Jonathan McLennan, a 27-year old from Toronto, is the suspect of the crime. Due to the handgun, he was seen carrying in the surveillance footage, McLennan is being considered armed and dangerous. 

The footage shows the victim being approached by McLennan, who grabbed the victim after she tried to avoid contact with him. He also could be heard telling her that he would "slam one in her head right now," referring to a bullet if she didn't get in the car with him. 

He then dragged her to the vehicle by her hair before throwing her in the back seat and driving away from the property on High Tech Road and Silver Linden Drive. 

The efforts of the public did help the police identify the victim and the suspect, so they are hoping once again that people will be able to help them located McLennan. 

Anyone with information is being asked to contact the police with anything they know at 1-866-876-5423. 

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