Toronto Mayor John Tory made a major announcement this morning, but not everyone is happy about it. The City of Toronto will be hiring over 300 police officers in 2019 and locals are actually outraged over it. This move by the City has sparked a public backlash, with many people wanting city funds to be allocated elsewhere. 

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Tory revealed the news through his Twitter page earlier this afternoon on March 4. So what's the reason behind the City hiring hundreds of police officers? The mayor said that he hopes to make Toronto safer.

He said in the tweet that it was to "make sure we have officers on the streets and in neighbourhoods helping their local residents and keeping our communities safe". This move was a part of the new 2019 budget from the City of Toronto. 

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According to Tory in his tweet, the City hired 200 new police officers for Toronto last year and 300 cops will be hired in 2019 in addition to the previous year's hiring. 

Check out the tweet from Toronto Mayor John Tory below announcing to the public the hiring of 300 new officers! 

Many people are criticizing the city's latest move. Many have taken to Twitter to slam Tory's decision to hire several hundred more police officers. Check out what they have had to say.

Several people want the money that is going towards hiring new Toronto police officers to instead be allocated to other areas. For instance, some people are upset over the amount of time that it takes for the City to plow and clear streets after a snowstorm, among other things. 

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Last week, Toronto was hit with a record-breaking amount of snowfall and the city announced that it would take 14 to 16 hours for local streets to be plowed after snowfall had ended. 

The tweet has garnered over 50 comments so far since it was posted a few hours ago, and nearly all of them have been negative reactions to the announcement. 

Tory's latest announcement on officers comes days after it was revealed that Toronto police officers were being offered the biggest raise of all city workers in the upcoming years, according to Toronto Star. Officer salaries would be increased by 11.1 percent in the next five years. This also caused some backlash among locals

The final 2019 Budget will be approved by Toronto City Council later this week on March 7. To find out more about the City of Toronto's budget for the year, you can visit their official website

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