In case you somehow didn’t hear anything about it yesterday Hollywood is currently making a movie about the infamous former mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford. We’re just as surprised to find out that this is actually happening as you are.

The movie is titled Run This Town and will star Damian Lewis, famous for his role in the TV show Homeland, in the lead role.

But there’s another casting decision that has the reporter who originally broke the Rob Ford’s drug abuse story pissed off.  

Via West Annex News

Robyn Doolittle, an ex-Toronto Star reporter who now works for the Globe and Mail, originally broke the story for the Toronto Star.

She’s displeased with the fact that the movie has cast a man as the investigative reporter instead of a woman - which is truly an unnecessary rewriting of what really happened.  

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The role of the reporter will be played by Ben Platt, known for his role in Pitch Perfect.

In a sarcastic tweet Doolittle asked “Why have a woman be a lead character when a man could do it?”   

She then followed that up with “I've seen a lot of stories by male reporters celebrated in movies...”  

Her tweet also stated that she had no issue with Platt as an actor, just the decision that the role of the reporter couldn’t be played by a woman.  

When someone said that a female reporter would probably end up falling in love with Rob Ford in the movie version she seemed to agree with that responding “…the female reporter always has to fall in love or sleep with someone.”  

So yeah. You could say she’s less than pleased with things. 

There's no set release date right now for when the movie will be released.  

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