Just when we thought we had the seen the last of Morgan Spurlock, the star of the gut-wrenching documentary Supersize me, he's making a serious comeback in Toronto.

If you're not familiar with Spurlock, he's the American filmmaker who consumed nothing but McDonald’s food for a month, three meals per day, documenting the weight gain (24 lbs.) and other serious health issues that he developed during the filming.

Spurlock is making his 13-year comeback in Toronto this weekend, for the world premiere of his latest adventure Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! at TIFF.

The film follows his epic journey of opening his own “fast casual” restaurant, a pop-up grilled chicken sandwich joint called Holy Chicken! that he briefly operated in Columbus, Ohio.

Since arriving in Toronto, he shared that he actually has restaurant plans for the city, and is planning to open a pop-up version of Holy Chicken! near the TIFF Bell Lightbox so locals can sample his “delicious” food.

He even mentioned the possibility of turning his dream into a fast-food chain, which seems plausible considering his sandwiches tilt the scale at between 700-850 calories each.

When could this become a possibility? That we're unsure of, but if one thing's for sure, this would be a pop-up you won't want to miss!

Source: The Toronto Star

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