Hulu's hit television series The Handmaid's Tale is filming at Toronto City Hall again today, and fans may want to steer clear of the area to avoid spoilers because it looks like something big is going down. Photographs of the set are all over social media this morning, and it seems like today's scene is an execution ceremony - or a "salvaging" as it's called in the Republic of Gilead. 

Filming is taking place on the upper level of the City Hall's exterior, which given the circumstances of the show, is sure to create an eerie atmosphere for the execution. Handmaids in red cloaks and white bonnets made famous by the show make the cast easy to distinguish even from a relatively faraway vantage point. Take  a look:

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In the series, the city of Toronto is used to represent Gilead the dystopian society in which most of the show is primarily set. It's sometimes hard to imagine for locals that our city's vibrant downtown could be morphed into something as evil as the sight of execution, but the show always manages to pull it off.

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It is unclear how long the shoot will last today, but given the fact that it is being shot outside its likely crews will be trying to film as much as possible before the sun goes down. Anyone looking to catch a glimpse of the shoot in person should creep there way downtown in the meantime and check out, respectfully of course. 

  The Handmaid's Tale is currently shooting its third season which began principal photography back in Toronto back in 2018. Filming for the show has happened exclusively in the GTA with season three shooting primarily in the city.


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