What do Kathleen Wynne and our favourite microwave popcorn have in common? Apparently a lot if you ask Google. 

Google has a function called People Also Searched For that shows what else other people who searched something are looking at. In the case of Orville Redenbacher, it's Colonel Sanders and Kathleen Wynne. 

Via Google

The resemblance is uncanny when you look at the default images Google used for them. Kathleen Wynne and Orville both share a similar face structure, short slightly curly hair, and the glasses really seal the deal. 

It is worth noting that throughout this campaign, starting with their very first ad in November 2017, Kathleen has not been wearing her glasses. Maybe she was trying to be more approachable, or maybe she was trying to avoid this particular comparison. 

@kathleen_wynneembedded via  

It's fair to say that without the glasses the resemblance is a little bit less clear, but nonetheless still there in the smile and the jacket. 

Given that this is popular enough to appear on Google's suggestion box either points to the fact that a lot of people have realized the resemblance, or that people searching for Kathleen Wynne are also really craving some popcorn. 

@kathleen_wynneembedded via  

Others have also compared the Ontario Liberal leader to Jeff Goldblum, Anne Murray, and the girl from Chumbawumba's Tubthumping music video.

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