Residents in various parts of Ontario will have a high chance of seeing auroras in their skies tomorrow morning, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC).

A G1 geomagnetic storm is expected to occur on May 17, due to "the arrival of a recurrent coronal hole high-speed stream." The storm, which is classified as a minor event, will send solar winds to Earth that will make the auroras more visible than usual  in regions further south.

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Based on the SWPC's three-day forecast, the best times to view the auroras tomorrow are between 2 am and 5 am ET. Areas situated along the green line indicated on the map are most likely to receive the brightest auroras. 

This means places like Sudbury, North Bay, Algonquin Provincial Park and possibly Ottawa may be in for a good light show tomorrow:

Aurora chasers are advised to head out to a spacious area with dark skies that are not tainted with light pollution. In Ontario, you can head out to one of several dark sky preserves that offer the best black backgrounds for viewing auroras. This weekend, Torrance Barrens and North Frontenac are your best bets, as they are closest to the green line.

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Sometimes the auroras are able to shine through the light pollution and still make an appearance over cities, however, since tomorrow's geomagnetic storm is only minor, this will likely not be the case. 

If there's any reason to wake up early and head out to see the auroras tomorrow, keep in mind that the solar cycle is currently approaching its minimum, which means that there will be much fewer opportunities to see auroras this far south in the next few years. 

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