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The Ontario Cannabis Store Is Getting Called Out For Selling Marijuana Seeds At Triple The Average Price

Ontarians are not happy with how much the cannabis seeds cost at the Ontario Cannabis Store.

For Ontarians looking to legally grow their own marijuana, they will be happy to hear that the Ontario Cannabis Store now sells legal cannabis seeds. However, they might not be happy with the cost. Ontarians are now calling out the OCS for selling marijuana seeds for triple the price, compared to several other retailers. 

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The Ontario Cannabis Store only just recently started selling legal marijuana seeds for Canadians to grow. They only have two seed products currently available. The OCS is selling Tweed's Argyle Seeds and Tweed's Bakerstreet Seeds. According to their website, Argyle and Bakerstreet are Indica-dominant strains from Tweed and all the seeds are feminized.

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These cannabis seeds do not come cheap. The OCS is selling the Argyle Seeds and the Bakerstreet Seeds for $60, and they come with four in each package. This means that each seed costs $15. 

People have taken to Reddit to express their outrage at the costs of cannabis seeds sold at the OCS. Many people are saying that the weed seeds are much too costly. 

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The top comment on the Reddit thread about OCS's marijuana seeds was from user Zahne1977, who wrote, "4 seeds for $60 plus shipping? Ok Ontario. Smoke another one". Their comment got 28 points. Another top comment was by user A_Level_2, who commented, "60 bucks for 4 seeds dam that's a lot. I'll just use bagseed". 

If you look at weed seeds sold at some other cannabis retailers, the prices are much lower – two to three times less than what the OCS is retailing them for. Several retailers are selling cannabis seeds at around $4 to $7.50 a seed, which is only a third or half of the OCS's $15 a seed. 

Check out some of the prices of cannabis seeds at other stores for comparison, that are also feminized like the ones sold at the OCS. 

According to the OCS website, Ontario law states that people are legally allowed to grow up to four plants in a home. The OCS says that they sell different types of weed seeds for this purpose. 

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