It's official: the Canadian-born baby pandas that we love will be leaving the Toronto Zoo this March. The Chinese pandas baby pandas Jia Yueyue, meaning "Canadian Joy" and Jia Panpan "Canadian Hope", will be celebrating their 2nd bday this weekend at an exclusive party at the Toronto Zoo, marking their last birthday in Toronto. 

Their exit has us asking questions. First off, how do we get an invite to this exclusive birthday bash? And what should we bring as a present? Why are they leaving Toronto and heading to Calgary? Was it something we said? Or maybe it's the ridiculous cost of rent these days that's pushing them farther west?

It seems that their exit is a family decision, as they will be departing in March with their mother, Er Shun, and her male companion, Da Mao. And like so many other families, the move seems to be due to finances. According to Toronto Zoo management, the costs of keeping the panda family halted much-needed zoo renovations and improvements, meaning that some of the other (and maybe slightly less adorable) zoo inhabitants were feeling the negative effects. 

Fair enough - we wouldn't any of the other creatures at the Toronto Zoo suffering to keep the pandas here. But they will DEFINITELY be sorely missed. When momma and poppa arrived in 2013, the city went wild. And with the birth of their two cubs, they have become a city-wide treasure, overjoying Torontonians with adorable moments like this: 

Or this: 

And this: 

We're just happy we had the chance to see them while it lasted, and that they'll at least still be staying in the country. Calgarians, now it's your turn. 

Source: The Globe and Mail

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