If you've been following the news this morning, you might have heard about the massive apartment fire in Allandale a small waterfront community in Barrie, Ontario, that left 25 apartment units ravaged by flames but thankfully no one fatally injured. 

Last night at around 10 p.m., multiple calls were sent from 100 Little Ave., about a fire on the third floor of an apartment building. Many residence were forced to flee the building and watch from the streets as their homes on the third floor collapsed into the second floor below it.

Multiple fire-fighting units were dispatched to the scene of the fire which had reached impressive heights. 

Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Weber commented on the blaze saying, “We have 25 units of people who are all displaced at this time, but thankfully as we know it, no one was injured,” said Weber. “We have nearly every available unit on this fire and will continue to get it under control, but we will also take all the time necessary to find out the cause through investigation.”

This is the second time that the small street has seen a massive fire of this kind however Weber says they are not connecting the incidents as of yet and will continue to investigate. 

While the incident itself was terrible and frightening for all those affected, there were some unsung heroes that banded together to ensure those who lost their homes were taken care of. 

Starting with the first responders but also the City of Barrie transit that brought buses by to be used as warming stations and transport, the Ward 8 Coun. Arif Khan who took charge in getting residence to their homes for the night, and the  Barrie Housing team that had residence booked into the Holiday Inn for those displaced. 

Chief Jeff Weber has let the public know that no one was injured, but that people were still being checked out at the Allandale Recreation Centre where a temporary mobile health unit has been set up. 

Source: Barrie Today

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