Photo cred - Junction Craft Brewing

If you like beer, getting your holiday shopping out of the way, and eating delicious cheesy foods, this is the event for you. On December 20th, Tallboy's Christmas Craft Beer Carnival will return to this fair city of ours to spread holiday cheer. Take the opportunity to drink some delicious locally brewed beers, partake in the mac n' cheese dinner, and maybe even buy a Christmas present or two.

Tickets are $15, and come with a sampling mug and two sampling tokens. And access to all of the beer-fueled awesomeness, of course. The event will be hosted at CSI Annex, and will run for a solid 8 hours, from 12:00 to 8:00pm. That's more than enough time to get blitzed, I'd say. Get your tickets here, before they sell out.

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