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The Toronto Blue Jays Have Been Working With Scalpers To Profit Off Of Insanely Marked Up Resale Tickets

Oh come on.

In case you haven't heard today marks the return of baseball to Toronto with the Jays set to take on the New York Yankees this evening at the Rogers Centre. Soon it'll be both sunny and warm enough for the dome to be opened and baseball fans will be able to cheer on their team in the heat with a cold beer.   

Unfortunately for the Blue Jays that news is being overshadowed with reports that the team has knowingly been scamming its own fans on ticket prices. Yes, that team you watch and cheer for is apparently also ripping you off when you buy tickets to the game. 

How is it doing this, and how much is it costing you?  

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The Jays apparently have a secret partnership with secondary ticket sites like StubHub and TicketsNow where the team collects a portion of every resold ticket. 

How much of a per cent the team collects on each ticket is unclear right now but the seats just for tonight's game that were posted on StubHub had their price inflated over 200% of what they actually cost.  

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You read that right, over 200%.   

And this means that the Jays get paid 2 times for selling the same ticket. The first time they get paid from whoever buys the ticket, and again from whomever then buys it off the resale site. 

It isn't news that tickets are being sold at outrageous amounts of money on the secondary market, almost anyone who's tried to get resold tickets to a concert knows that the price goes up dramatically.  

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But it is news that the organization originally selling those tickets is getting a cut off of those overpriced ticket profits. 

Will this cause people to avoid the secondary market when buying Jay's tickets? We'll have to wait until we're further into the season to know that. 

Sources: CBC, Toronto Star

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