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The TTC’s Newest Upgrades Will Make Them As Efficient And Speedy As The Trains Running In Japan

Line 1 will be upgraded to ATC technology, which has been running in Japan since 1964.

One thing people living in Toronto know is that commuting on the TTC can be so terrible that you would not even wish it on your worst enemy. If you're going across the city during rush hour on the subway, you're almost guaranteed to be late. 

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The TTC is actually working on a new program that is using Automatic train control technology, also known as ATC, to make the train as quick and efficient as other countries across the world. In fact, Japan started implementing this technology on their Tōkaidō Shinkansen train back in 1964. 

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For now, only Line 1, of the subway will be operating under the ATC controls, while the other lines will still be run by subway operators. The new system requires a whole new signal replacement on the line and that's why there have been regular weekend closures over the past year. 

Sadly for us though, the new system isn't going to be working fully until the end of 2019. 

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The improved system will bring a lot of good for commuters though. ATC allows the trains speed and separation between trains to be controlled via signals, making the system as efficient as possible. 

Commuters will have more accurate travel times, less time spent on the subway, and more consistency with daily commute times. 

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In preparation for the new system, TTC riders may notice markers that are showing up in stations for door openings. It's a reminder to step aside to let all passengers exiting the train out first, especially because ATC systems have controlled times for doors. 

A good system comes with sacrifice and while it sucks to have to live your life with shuttle buses during subway closures, this new ATC TTC sounds like it will be worth the wait. 

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