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The Weather Network Warns Of ‘Potentially Life-Threatening’ Snow Storms Coming For Ontario

Reduced travel is advised.

If you live in southern Ontario, you might want to stay indoors. Call your boss, cancel your weekend plans and reschedule your appointments, because “extremely hazardous and potentially life-threatening travel conditions” are coming for southern Ontario; particularly the western regions.

According to The Weather Network, arctic air will be rapidly flowing across the region to bring some of the coldest temperatures of this season so far. As it passes over the Great Lakes region, it will trigger some high-intensity lake effect snow squalls that will last throughout the weekend.

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The areas southward to the 402 and 401 west of London will be afflicted the most, with several complete whiteout periods expected. These will likely make the roads essentially impassable, and local officials may even decide to close sections of the highway just to prevent commuters from attempting to travel through the dangerous conditions.

The hardest hit areas could see snow accumulate to over 50 cm, and the incoming arctic air could plunge wind chills to lows below -30. Michael Carter, a meteorologist for The Weather Network, says “this dangerous cold coupled with heavy snowfall will create life-threatening conditions for stranded drivers on some of southern Ontario’s biggest travel corridors.”

Read Michael Carter’s report here.

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