As most of you probably already know, matcha flavoured everything has hit Toronto by storm this past year.  Whether you're looking for a latte, or an ice cream you can probably get matcha in it.

Although recently a new foodporn trend has been gracing our Instagram feeds in Toronto.  

A vegetable called ube, which is very common in many filipino styled dishes has made its way into the Toronto food scene, and everyone seems to be loving it!

via @rosaalyn

Ube has a unique sweet flavour, that is most commonly found in desserts.  It is also a very vibrant purple colour, which translates into many of the recipes it's included in.  If you're looking to try this new food trend, head over to Platito Filipino Soul Food!

Platito offers ube milkshakes garnished with a wafer sticks as well as ube ice cream and waffles! And for those looking for something more savory, they also offer ube chicken and waffles.

via @natmanzoc

Be sure to check out Platito at 35 Baldwin St! 

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