Toronto Themed Condoms Exist And Here's How You Can Get Your Hands On Them

Only in the 6.

In an effort to promote safe sex in the city with style and flare, the City of Toronto launched condomTO, a condom wrapper design content where Torontonians everywhere could submit their best local designs. The contest drew today and winners were chosen from both student and open submissions. 

With both fun and funny designs the best part of this initiative is that anyone can get their hands on these condoms for free. The condomTO condoms are available at sexual health clinics, youth serving agencies, AIDS Service Organizations, Community Health Centres, and Colleges and Universities throughout the city. All you need to do in walk in and stuff some in your pockets or purse. 

Take a look at the winners, runner up, and finalist designs chosen today

Winning Designs: 

Via City of Toronto

Runner-up Designs: 

Via City of Toronto

Finalist Designs: 

Via City of Toronto

Source: City of Toronto 

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