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These Toronto Cafés Are Banning Laptops And People Are Pissed

Wait what?!

Toronto's coffee shops and caféss have quickly become many Torontonians' favorite places to catch up on work or study and who can blame them? Tons of coffee spots around the city have incredible ambiances and prove to be the perfect places to study considering they can be relatively quiet spaces where coffee is nearby.

Though it seems that certain café's across the city are attempting to scale back the new digital motivated coffee shop culture that's been creeping in these past few years.

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The "laptop ban" is being adopted by tons of different shops around the city, and while it sounds pretty intense, it's not as bad as you would think, just pretty inconvenient for some.

The switch comes in efforts to turn back time on the culture in coffee shops and limit the number of laptop screens in-shop during peak hours. So what does the ban look like? It varies depending on the coffee shop you are visiting, but Neo Coffee bar becomes a laptop-free zone from 12pm to 4pm on weekends.

Some of Early Bird's tables inside host little signs are claimed to be "laptop free" tables as well as several cafés such as HotBlack coffee and Baddies not offering wi-fi to visitors. 

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It's clear that several coffee shops are definitely taking a stance against laptop users in the city, and while the some people are all for the "laptop free" zones, there's no denying that it'll definitely have to be an inconvenience for some. What do you think? 

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