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Fellas your moment is now!

The Boyfriend Experience is a new company, operating out of Montreal, meant to help connect those in need of a date on short notice with a professional boyfriend, yes a professional boyfriend, and good news fellas, they're hiring!

The company, BFE, are currently hiring men, of all sexual orientations, and hope to launch a professional girlfriend service as well. According to the job posting, the perfect professional boyfriend is at least 25 years old, mature, well-mannered and holds some form of post-secondary education or professional training. Candidates must be in good physical condition, be a good listener and a strong communicator. Selected boyfriends will be compensated a whopping $75 and hour.

The job posting warns that if you are conceited or if you send nudes with your cover letter and resume you will absolutely (not) get the job. Typical resume sending etiquette, we think. Further, the website are very adamant that they are not an escort service and that there is absolutely no requirement or payment for sex involved.

If you’re interested in becoming a professional boyfriend you can apply HERE

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