Today Toronto Police increased their presence in the GTA and downtown core of Toronto after receiving an ‘unconfirmed piece of information.’

Police have not said what exactly the ‘unconfirmed piece of information’ is but they're taking it very seriously. 

They've even said how their increased presence will affect tourist attractions and concerts today. 

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After sending out the notice about the ‘unconfirmed piece of information’ police were sent out to keep watch around Toronto's tourist attractions downtown. 

But the increased presence isn't disrupting anything yet.

Right now the CN Tower is open for business, as is Ripley’s Aquarium and all of the other tourist attractions downtown. 

This is despite the fact that police have been sent out mainly the areas with tourist attractions in the downtown core.  

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None of the downtown streets have been closed due to the increased police presence today. 

A concert by the Foo Fighters at Rogers Centre is also still scheduled to go ahead with the doors opening at 6 p.m. tonight.

The concert will have an increased police presence though. 

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Toronto Police have declined to give out any specific information about why they are running more patrols through the downtown core today. However, there is information circulating that an internal memo went out to U-Haul employees to watch out for suspicious renters. 

Mayor John Tory and Doug Ford have been briefed on the situation, as has Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Toronto Police are asking people to remain vigilant and to contact 911 right away if they see anything at all suspicious. 

Source: CBC

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