Toronto has a reputation for being super self-centered. Ask almost anyone who lives in Toronto and they'll tell you how great it is to live there. Toronto's official complaint and service centre would beg to differ though.

Toronto's 311 line is the official channel for service requests and complaints to the city and they get all sorts of calls. In fact, this year the centre has received around 189,000 calls so far. 

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The hottest topics of complaint this year are dead animals and potholes, which isn't at all surprising for the city. Some neighbourhoods, however, have way more complaints than others.

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In some neighbourhoods, residents did not shy away from letting city officials know what they hated most about their town. In Toronto's most complaint heavy neighbourhoods alone there were at least 5,000 complaints calls received in each. In these neighbourhoods, identified by postal code, this is what Torontonians hate the most. 

West Toronto - Dovercourt and Dufferin (M6H)

This neighbourhood by far had the most 311 complaints in the entire city. With 7076 calls made between January and October of 2018, they have 500 more than even the second place neighbourhood.

Here, residents complained most about broken garbage lids, property standards (meaning a neighbour's property doesn't meet city bylaws), and dead animals. 

York - Caledonia-Fairbanks (M6E)

In second place but still far behind the most complained about neighbourhood is Caledonia-Fairbanks with 6506 calls being placed so far this year.

In York, there are less dead raccoons because the most common complaints were about broken garbage lids, blocked sewage lines, and property standards. 

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East Toronto - The Beaches West & Gerrard (M4L)

This East Toronto neighbourhood comes in a close third place with 6393 calls being made. With a few major storms devastating some Toronto neighbourhoods it shouldn't be surprising that clean up made the list of complaints. 

In East Toronto, the most common complaint calls were all about storm cleanup, general pruning (if a tree in your neighbourhood needs to be cut), and dead animals in the neighbourhood. 

Downtown Toronto - Christie (M6G)

With the number of people living and working in this neighbourhood, it's not surprising that there were 6278 calls so far this year. 

Here most of the 311 complaints were about storm cleanup, broken garbage lids, and general pruning. 

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East York - Woodbine Heights (M4C)

Rounding out the top 5 with 6150 complaint calls this year is East York, specifically in the Woodbine Heights neighbourhood.

Cleary deceased raccoons are a bit of an issue here. The most common complaints were about dead animals, property standards, and storm cleanup.

East York - East Toronto (M4J)

Also located in East York, this neighbourhood of East Toronto has had 6110 calls made so far this year. 

Somewhat similar to the other East York neighbourhood, here the most common calls were about storm cleanup, general pruning, and sewage line blockages. 

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Surprisingly in the most heavily complained about neighbourhoods potholes didn't make any of the individual lists.  That being said, the further north you go in the city, like in North York, there are a lot more calls about them. In fact, in Toronto as a whole, there have already been 11,631 official complaints about potholes this year. 

Still, they are only the second most hated thing about the city. In 2018 so far the most common complaints have been about storm cleanup, with 13,884 calls coming in about that. Then, after potholes, the next most common complaints are about dead animals with 11,356 complaints being made about wildlife cadavers. 

Rounding out the top five most common complaints across the city are injured or distressed wildlife calls, which total 10,432 and also property standards calls which were 10,087 so far this year. 

Toronto's 311 line is a multi-function hotline in the city for residents to not only file official complaints but also get information about services and programs in the city. The line is available 24/7, every day of the year and can take calls in over 100 different languages. 

Source: Toronto Star

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