Did you know there's a Toronto neighbourhood crime map that displays the number of crime occurrences per 10,000 residents in the neighbourhood?  The map shows 8 different types of criminal categories presenting statistics relating to assault,sexual assault, break and entry, robbery, drug charges, stolen vehicles, theft $5000+ and murder in Toronto neighbourhoods.

According to CBC, the maps were created based on statistics dated from 2004 to 2011 using police data to analyze 140 neighbourhoods in Toronto. Do you ever worry if you live in a safe neighbourhood? What types of crime should you mostly concerned about based on where you live? What are the most common crimes committed in Toronto?

Take a look at these maps to answer these questions:

Click here to view the maps closer. 


Sexual Assault

Break and Enter


Stolen Vehicles

Theft $5000+


Source : CBC

Do you live in a safe neighbourhood? 

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