This 'Napercise’ Gym Class Is Every Lazy Girl's Dream Workout

This could work for us.

If you're more of a couch potato than a super jock, there's a new workout that'll be right up your alley. 

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David Lloyd Gyms is a chain of fitness centers in the U.K. They recently launched their new "Napercise" class, in which people basically just...nap?

The center was inspired by the fact that 86% of parents report fatiuge.  they were fatigued. Though the class is aimed at rejuvinating parents, it can be taken by anyone. 

So what does one do in a napercise class? All participants lie in a single bed, as "atmospheric" sounds play. The room is set to a temperature which is thought to prompt calorie burning during sleep. 

Um, can this come to Canada ASAP?

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