Reports have been received following a car accident that caused a gas leak in the Midtown neighbourhood of Toronto. Toronto Police just confirmed via Twitter that there has been a major car collision in Midtown, Toronto on Davenport and Avenue Road which has caused a very serious gas leak. Roads have been shut down while emergency responders attend to the situation.

Police reported about the scene just after 4:10 p.m. and have continued to update the public about the situation at hand. 

The collision initially involved two cars, which had collided into each other. One car struck a building and a gas line was struck, which was soon discovered to cause a gas leak. Police shut down roads as a safety hazard while they inspected the severity of the leak. 

The gas leak has since then been deemed “very serious” by Toronto Police and Enbridge has been notified to come and attend to the situation.

Via Ryan King Pascual |

The building that has been struck by the car is reportedly a retirment home on the corner of Avenue and Davenport Road. 

Police, Fire and EMS are all on scene and roads have been closed in the area. Pedestrian traffic has also been closed down and no one is currently allowed in the area under any circumstances due to the severity of the gas leak and the saftey hazard it has caused. 

Avenue Road is closed from Davenport to Bloor as the situation is being resolved, despite the rush traffice hours. 

More to Come.

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