Watch out Sweet Jesus, La Diperie has opened their first location in Toronto!  This Montreal favourite has finally made its way to Toronto, and we could not be more stoked.

La Diperie is a new soft serve ice cream joint, that allows you to customize your cone in pretty much every way.  Whether you want it dipped in a maple fudge coating, or covered in dried banana chips, there are endless new combinations for you to try!

via @quebecfoodie

Their toppings are more unique than the typical ice cream shop.  La Diperie offers  nuts, crushed cookies, pretzels, waffle crumbles, toasted Rice Krispies, banana bits, tortilla chips and green peas!

via @travelandmunchies

They also offer pastry cones and waffle cones that they preheat for you so they always taste fresh out of the oven! 

Treat yo'self and pick up one of these awesome cones at 372 Danforth Ave! 

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