Veggie burgers aren't everyone's thing, but even meat lovers NEED to try Planta Burger's patties. The plant-based burger spot will be opening up in the Financial District and the burgers look AMAZING: 
via @plantatoronto

Planta Burger is a project from the masterminds behind Planta, a plant-based restaurant in Yorkville. Planta Burger  will be opening on September 5th. 

via @plantatoronto

There will be two types of burgers on the menu including one with made of mushroom black bean, lentil and beet, and the other made with heart of palm and celeriac. Everything on the menu is meat-free, gluten-free and nut-free. To join that burger you can also get onion rings, fries, tots, Buffalo cauliflower and salads. Wash it all down with a root beer float or a milkshakes. 

via @plantatoronto

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