Despite the Ontario Liberal government moving forward with the legalization of marijuana, one Ontario university is cracking down on all forms of smoking and is becoming the first 100% smoke-free campus in the province. 

It's been announced that McMaster University in Hamilton plans to ban all forms of smoking on campus starting January 1, 2018. This includes cigarettes, pipes, vaping, and marijuana both medicinal and recreational. 

The major step is to promote health and keep the campus free from second-hand smoke for everyone. "A tobacco and smoke-free campus is the next important step towards fulfilling our responsibilities as educators, healthcare professionals and to the communities we serve," said President Patrick Deane, in a statement.

The ban states that "all oral smoking devices" are prohibited on the entire Hamilton campus, inside and on the grounds of the Ron Joyce Centre in Burlington, at all McMaster-owned properties, and even in vehicles parked on any of McMaster's properties.

When students or faculty are first found breaking the new no-smoking policy, they will be asked to stop smoking and be referred to a cessation program. The university says future enforcement will include a follow-up by security services or a university violation notice with a fine.

While this is great in theory and we're all for a healthier planet, this doesn't seem like the most logical idea. For starters, where are the students and faculty members that smoke supposed to go now? Wouldn't this just force them to leave campus and go smoke elsewhere like in surrounding residential streets and parking lots? 

It'll be interesting to see how the students respond and if other Ontario universities will follow in McMasters footsteps. 

Source: Global News

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