When thinking about what you want to study or what career path you want to take, a lot of the options sound pretty boring. If you're looking for something to spark your creativity and you love playing with toys (because who doesn't?), the first ever toy invention program in Canada has just launched at Ryerson University. That's right, the first ever program where you can actually get a degree in making and testing out future toys is finally here. 

This course series in Toy Invention is a one-year program that will officially launch in Septemeber 2019 and will be offered through The Chang School but includes partnerships with FCDA, OCAD University, and Spin Master, who is behind mega-popular toys like Hatchimals and Kinetic Sand. 

The course is aimed at Canadians who have a love for creating and testing toys. The best part is, you don't need a certain degree to enroll. No inclusive education background is needed for this continuing education program, and those with a variety of degrees such as design, psychology, and engineering are all welcome to participate in the course. 

This program will teach a variety of toy-related skills which will allow students to test out and build actual toys and games, learn the business process in toy invention, and gain valuable background knowledge about the toy industry. 

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The Ryerson website outlines four required courses that need to be taken with this one year course. One of the courses that are available to students is something that Ryerson calls the "Toy Lab". 

This Toy Lab allows students to actually create their very own toy. They will be able to go through the entire creative process of toy making from the creative drawing board, to prototypes, to even showcasing your final toy to local toy companies. 

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Students who are part of this course will also have access to "cutting-edge fabrication and prototyping technologies,". Students will be able to experiment with 3D printing, robotics, textile labs, and a variety of other resources that will help them make the toys that they are dreaming of. 

This program will be the first in Canada to teach both the creative and business techniques for toy invention and will be taught by toy-making experts. 

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The Dean of Chang School, Marie Bountrogianni stated in a Newswire press release that, "By cultivating Ryerson University's strong entrepreneurial spirit, this course series will help inspire the enjoyment of toys, games and interactive experiences for generations to come,". 

You can check out the full program here. 

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