If you're planning to go up to Muskoka this summer, you might want to prepare yourself for this new all-day ban. Myers Lake in the Township of Georgian Bay is now handing out $180 fines for "yelling, shouting, whistling, hooting, singing, or other similar human sound."

Pretty much, if you sound like you're having too much fun, you'll probably be fined for it. The new bylaw is in effect all day everyday, no exceptions. If you're the owner of a rented property, you might also get fined if your guests are too noisy.

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Noise restrictions in Myers Lake have already been in effect from 11 PM to 7 AM, and just got extended to a 24-hour ban. But, thankfully it's not permanent. This summer is going to be a "test" for the ban, to see how it plays out in the township. If it goes well,  other Muskoka communities might adopt the ban as well. 

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But, Georgian Bay Mayor Larry Braid makes a pretty good point. Sound travels a lot further on the lake, and can be pretty disruptive. "If you go to a hotel are you allowed to make this kind of noise? If you go to another resort are you allowed to make this kind of noise? No," he says. 

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According to Mayor Braid, it's likely that the bylaw won't be as serious as it seems. "I don't imagine our bylaw officer is going to give someone a ticket just for singing," he said, "However, if it goes out through a boom box, and you can hear it several hundred feet away, that's likely going to be offensive to neighbours up there."

Source: CTV News

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