The cutest little pig was found alone wandering on a highway in the Greater Toronto Area. This piglet was thankfully rescued by police officers, who couldn't resist posting pics of the adorable animal on Twitter. Honestly, same. 

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In their tweet, the York Regional Police said that the post was "too cute not to share" and we 100% percent agree. C'mon everyone, how cute is this piglet though??? And we're definitely not the only ones who think so – the tweet has since gotten almost 50 retweets and hundreds of likes on Twitter.

The York Regional Police also said in their tweet, "Despite the predictable cop/pig jokes we'll receive, this cute little piggy was rescued by one of our officers". And jokes sure did go their way. Check out some of the reactions on Twitter below. 

The pig was spotted along Highway 400 in Vaughan by the police. According to CBC News, Const. Laura Nicolle said they were unsure where the pig came from. The pig has now been taken to an animal shelter.

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Here's hoping this adorable animal finds its way back home. If you've lost a pig, maybe tweet at the York Regional Police

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